Jessica Katz, M.A. (CEO and Founder) 

Jessica Katz brings a wealth of experience to the field of public relations. A native New Yorker, Katz is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Public Relations/Advertising. She continued her higher education at UCF and obtained a Master of Arts in Communication while balancing full-time employment with the university.  In 2007, Katz was promoted to the Student Union as an Event Planner and Marketing Coordinator. Her alma mater is currently the second largest university in the nation and the position had her coordinating events with hundreds of university student organizations and departments. Katz was also responsible for branding as well as single-handedly overhauling the website and social media presence for the department. Wanting to pursue her passion in Public Relations, Katz relocated to Los Angeles and quickly landed a position with a boutique agency. When the opportunity arose to work independently, she took the challenge head on and opened her own agency in September 2011. Her reputation and integrity have made her a force within the industry ever since. 

Melanie DuPont (Vice President of Talent Relations) 

Melanie DuPont earned a Masters Degree from the University of Georgia in May 2011. Her interest in writing and entertainment led her to explore the field of public relations after college. Knowing that DuPont was an excellent student, hard worker, and talented writer, Katz offered her a position when the agency formed. She was promoted to Vice President of Talent Relations in 2018.

Madeline Zeppa (Junior Publicist) 

Madeline Zeppa is a Junior Publicist with significant experience working in the entertainment industry.  Madeline has worked with talent in every genre of entertainment, honing her skills at companies such as Entertainment Tonight, Disney, Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone, ICON PR, and Relevant PR. Additionally, she has a strong background in putting on prominent award show productions such as the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and more. Madeline also brings a bicoastal approach and perspective to all of her work, having lived in New York City and Los Angeles, the two ‘Meccas’ of entertainment.  As a native Midwesterner, she has a deep knowledge of the entertainment market across the country, and knows how to apply this knowledge in dealings with both talent and media.  Madeline’s high-octane energy and ample experience make her a perfect fit for the Katz PR team.

Sara Zaghi (Junior Publicist) 

Sara Zaghi is a senior at UCLA, where she is majoring in Communication Studies. After interning with Katz PR in summer 2015, she stayed on as an Assistant and worked her way up to Junior Publicist. She hopes to continue gaining valuable experience and learning about the entertainment industry. 

Aaren Rott (Assistant)

Aaren Rott earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies with a Minor in Gender and Women's Studies from CSU Northridge in 2019. She is originally from Seattle and moved to LA in 2014 for college. After working in many different fields of PR she realized she enjoyed the fast paced environment of entertainment PR the best. Aaren started as an intern in 2017 and has worked her way up the lead assistant position and is excited to continue to grow within in the company. 

Sam Thurmon (Assistant)

Sam Thurmon earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations andminor in Journalism at CSU Sacramento in 2018. She is originally from Northern California and moved down to Long Beach beginning of 2019. After working as a promotions representative for radio and then landing an internship with KatzPR, she quickly realized entertainment PR is where she wanted to be. Thurmon isexcited to see what’s in the store for her in the future with Katz PR.

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